Some where out there…


My kid is at camp. Thankfully it isn’t too too far out there. And I am sure he is having a good time with his buddies. But life is so much easier when he is around.

Yesterday I went to the dentist because I have been having some bizzare symptoms for the past few months. Out of the clear blue sky the lower right half of my mouth and lips will go numb. Like I got a shot of novacain. It will last a minute or so and then everything is back to normal. All different times, sitting standing talking driving. It is so crazy.

and I thought since I was missing a tooth on that side – maybe when they pulled it they damaged my nerve (still weird that it would wait a few years to present itself but anyhow…) So I went to get it checked and they did a panoramic xray and a cat scan and the doc was concerned about something else on the screen. Started talking about low bone density, tumors, cancer. really?
Today I went to see the oral surgeon and he said that I didn’t have anything that impressed him – yay!

Except a little weird thing near the back of my jaw joint along my nerve path. But I have a baseline now, so they can keep an eye on it.

I feel like I have been away a long time.
The bible study we ad a few weeks ago was so good – about the rebellion of Korach – part of it went like this:
Our second option is to ‘elect a captain’. What do I mean by that?

I mean we can shirk our responsibility by passing it off to someone else.

I mean that instead of teaching the Holy One’s mitzvot to our children, and speaking of them as we sit in our homes and as we walk by the way, and training our children to be k’doshim, we can just elect – or nominate – or hire — someone else to do the ‘God-stuff’ for us…

The weak, the afraid, and the spiritually ignorant among us, simply cannot conceive of living without a pastor or rabbi to teach them, a music minister to “lead them in worship”, a youth director to entertain their children, a ministries committee to do the “dirty work” of doling out their charitable donations, and a building with pretty windows and furnishings to create a pleasant “holy”-feeling atmosphere in which people can sit mindlessly, and irresponsibly, soaking up sermons that tranquilize their hunger and pacify their passion.

I read it to my husband and my friend who insists I am forsaking the assembly of believers. A little further into it the guy mentions:
Let us resolve to waste no more energy, passion and time trying to reshape and reform whatever government or artificial religious environment we have chosen for ourselves into something that we think will give us more personal fulfillment or make us feel more important.

It is time for fathers to stand up and take responsibility for studying with our children, and for living out in front of our wives and children, the wonderful Torah of the Holy One.

When I go to church it is like offering McDonalds for guests when they come over for dinner. Plastic, cheap, gross, fake.
Sorry I can NOT do that. yuck – no.
I am still here folks, working on some other stuff – but not hard enough.


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