scary stuff…

I have not been on here in forever – of course I don’t have a lot of interesting things to say anymore.

Except I think I have a nerve disorder.

Not sure- but I did some research –I have been getting confused lately
Not confused like which came first the chicken or the egg kind of crap – hell not even confused like why did I open the bathroom cupboard? What was I looking for two seconds ago (although still plenty of that around to keep life fun for me)
But confused like – panic – like what day is it? Why am I sitting on the curb? I actually look through my phone to see what time it is and who I contacted last for a clue.

And let me tell you.

That is some scary stuff. I have a new found sympathy for Alzheimer patients.
The other day I was feeling weird. Like I had a twitch or cramp in my ribs and I thought – hmmm. Am I having a heart attack? I was dizzy and it was weird. I went out side and it took me 90 seconds to get to the edge of the patio (normally 8 seconds I guess) I yelled at my husband who was on the tractor… I might need to go to the ER honey! He was like I can’t hear you! I am busy!
Got Danny’s attention and he came running.
I told him I was feeling weird. Husband came over – annoyed, until I told him I was feeling weird. And then he got concerned.
I didn’t make him take me to the ER- instead I took my BP : 118/79 ok that is kinda high for me (no kidding!) but seems normal enough.
I took a nap.

So anyhow I have Psoriasis- it is auto immune disorder. Not as awful as my dad but, meh.
I also have random numbness and tingling in my forearms (not my fingers usually) and my lower right half of my jaw, lips and tongue.
My grandma (pop’s mom) died form aplastic anemia when he was in HS.
That is also an auto immune deal.

When I went to the dentist to check out the numbness in my jaw – they did a CT scan and said I might have demyelinated nerves in my jaw. Really? Is that bad? He said it could be bad or nothing, recheck in 6 months.
Myelin is like the insulation on electric cords and keeps your nervous system from freaking out, or slowing down. Funny thing is that it is also an auto immune deal where your body eats away at the myelin…super…
So what fixes that? B-12. maybe.
I hope.
No one knows.
But I do not like this much at all folks.
And that is why I have not been typing.
Heck I have barely been at the computer at all.
Freaking out a little over here.


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