secret messages

A recent link to an interesting post claimed that moses recieved 305,907 letters while up on the mountian and seperated them into the words we have now. Have you ever made a cylinder code? You take a long strip of paper and wrap it around a thing, and then write a message and random stuff all over every where else and when the person gets the code the wrap it aorund read the message and then use their cylindery to ward it and write a code back. a la :


My thoughts have been occupied completely, although my computer desk has not. We have been working around the house to fix up the front room. Looks way different now. Getting a new front door on Tuesday.
baby steps here. Article I read today says that processed salt makes auto immune disorderes manifest:
Good to know.


One thought on “secret messages

  1. annamatrix

    I don’t know if I believe that. Then it would be subject to human interpretation, and that’s… not Yehovah’s M.O. He doesn’t give that much leeway. When He tells someone something, He’s pretty clear about it. Is that how they’re explaining the BIble Code? Because… nobody has to justify it – it can happen even handed directly down. Honest. 🙂


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