Ups and downs

The downs are California is on fire – Ah course it is!
I am suppossed to attend a 2 year olds birthday party tomorrow with a bunch of crazy people I would rather avoid.

The ups are – my kid and I had an awesome study yesterday – thank you for the inspiriation Cagey!
A friend told me she was doing a study on the kings but it was so confusing – so I gave her a copy of my king cheat sheet. Then Cagey mentioned Jeremiah and I really have been wanted to go through it any how.

So it was 2 Kings 21 – 23 – and then we went to Jeremiah – Jeremiah was close to 30 when he started preaching, and the kid who was king (Josiah) was about 21.
and of course Psalm 27.
I was explaining the joy of knowing the book well enough to dance back and forth between chapters – Oh that reminds me of this! oh it is like that!
We were up till 2 doing study! yay! got to chapter three in Jeremiah – woo hoo!
I had shown him a clip of this video a bit back – kind of scary though:

When they guy looks at the money it says -THIS IS YOUR GOD-

Oh now I want to watch the whole movie..


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