Great Gardner!

Wow. If you are the praying sort – I have to say thanks.
When the Lord weeds he is also faithful to plant.
I was so down last week.
I was feeling barren.
Broken down.
But Faithful is He.
Who sees our distress.
Binds up, builds up, refreshes.
I was looking at a torn up flower bed – sure it was full of life sucking weeds.
But they were green. And better than dirt. Pretty in their way.
They were wilting though. A rough summer, too many pests and thorns had taken their toll.
The roots were deeply embedded. They were old plants, when they were young they were very productive and lovely.
They survived scorching summers, frozen winters, neglect, they seemed perfect for my flower bed. I never had any plants last so long.
But I must admit they were not as healthy as they used to be.
And when my gardner came in and started removing some of the older plants…I was sad. I only saw destruction, not preperation.
But then the transplants started. And now I have tender new stuff growing. And they are really pretty.
It is different. It will take getting used to, I am not sure if my gardner took the old plants to the dump, or is going to nurse them back to health. Maybe he will bring them back when they are strong again. But my first fruit looks pretty promising. ya think?


2 thoughts on “Great Gardner!

  1. annamatrix

    Exactly. You’ve said exactly what happened with me – the removal of withered plants – and what I saw happening with you. I’ll be praying that he nurses those plants back to health. Both in your garden and in mine.


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