Beyond Belief

The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

Ok I know I have been a bit of a whiner lately.
I have had a friend who was awesome.
But here is the thing. Her husband is weird. And the church they attend is weird.
And since they got married on ’09 things have been weird.
All that talk about how people who have faith are not bothered by wujo (unless they invite it around (in which case one wonders about the type of faith they have – right?))
I admit there were plenty of times when I was way WAY out there.
But I ain’t got nothing on my friend Marie here. Her younger sister (let’s call her Lisa) and two grade school children were in trouble, so they asked if they could stay at Marie’s place and help out or what ever – at first the answer was no, but surprise (!) the husband changed his mind and said sure…all of a sudden. weird.
then he goes to this holy roller retreat and it is revealed that Lisa and her children need to get out because evil spirits have attached themselves to her and that is why the teenage son (Joe) of my friend is rebellious, and also why they have so many flies in their house – because they are attracted to the evil..

I am beyond, way the hell beyond – trying to figure this out. I am a little angry. Mostly because I see how this affected the young people involved and I think it is not very nice to do that to your kids.
Which brings me back to my main point -ok? right now I am feeling a bit tested and vexed – a lot of people are – it is not wujo – it is natural growing. Train for a race – get sore, capiche? no one gets sore because of evil spirits – they get sore because they are working harder than ususal and developing muscles.
Or because they are not too bright and do more than they are ready for too soon.
Or like Marie and her household they think they are being super spiritual and they are being super boneheads. So in the spirit of the season I tried to call, I left messages and I am at the point now where the Lord told me to let it go – he would take care of it. This person is not in a listening place.
But this season is about looking at your life and seeing your shortcomings and why are you being stretched in the ways you are.
Not about earning your place, not about pointing out flaws in other people. It is about seeing where you are lacking – where your weight is revealed -TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting;
And when you find the areas that cry for improvement you do your best to fix it, not because you need to in order to be loved or worthy – but because that is the best direction for your life! When you are faithful over the littles you can be trusted more. You can help more. The more responsiblility you show, the more you get. Still, it is not fun to be on the sidelines in this event.


5 thoughts on “Beyond Belief

  1. annamatrix

    I know exactly what you’re saying. And sadly, back when we went to weird churches, I often fell into the same kinds of ‘excuses’. Coming away from that really made the difference… it’s like a smoky room, and as long as you can remember, you’ve choked and coughed and kept straining to see thru the haze… and then coming out and being able to BREATHE clearer, to think clearer, and to see clearer. But the people in the room are smokers and are totally addicted… It sounds like Marie is a smoker.

    I’ve found a lot of TEKEL in my life. The question is, what do we do with it? Because my hang-up has always been ‘maybe THEY need ME’… because I *sure* as heck don’t need them. So I keep them around, hang out, knowing FULL well that it’s a waste for me, while praying that it isn’t a waste for them… but the fruit doesn’t grow, and doesn’t grow… and doesn’t grow… how long do you keep the TEKEL? Should you have bothered at all?

  2. cagey

    Here is where my skeptical mind comes in. There is without doubt, evil in this world, that can affect those if they allow it to do so and if they do not live in faith. Certainly I was affected, as a child, by the things I saw — but never physically or mentally affected because I knew I had faith (but remember there were others living in my house that could of been affected, so I had to just deal with it). Now you describe your friend, as having flies in her house and a teenage son being rebelious. The problem is here, that I have trouble equating evil with those two things. Flies can infest a home (especially ones like greenbottles or blowflies) and produce in mass numbers if there is something as simple as a dead mouse or rat in the walls (we had some flies coming in this year — turns out it was a snake that had been kindly killing frogs/mice and leaving them under the porch). And what hormonal teenager isn’t rebelious in some way? It can be a sign of something wrong, sure. Of his emotional enviroment in his home, how he was raised ect (or it sounds like.. his father). These things do not automatically point to an evil spirit.
    So yes, I can agree that it can be a type of natural growing… but it also can be a type of natural.. floundering. In this case it sounds like there’s something pretty wrong going on, but is a result of actions/behaviours towards eachother, inaction, and floundering faith.

    1. gmaali Post author

      They have chickens in a pen that is never cleaned ten feet from the back door. They also have dogs and tehy had one puppy that the husband allowed to die of parvo on the back patio. Which sadly and quite disgustingly means it died in a pool of bloody vomit. So flies are expected.
      The rebellios son is 5% due to his age (14) I really like Joe he is a cool kid – and 95% because he thinks the step dad is an asshat and he is angry at what he sees happening to his mom. Note: step dad’s brother (22) lived with them for quite a while last year also – While he was there for months I would NOT visit. You want to find evil – don’t look at the single mom that is trying to get on her feet- look at the lecherous brother that is lounging around doped out all the time. Drove cars that had been loaned to the family while he was drunk and wrecked them. Also introduced Joe to drugs and pornography. Whatta peach!

      1. cagey

        Yes.. sometimes the worst evil is the things we do, and are allowed to do to each other. I feel for you in this awkward situation. Am going through something a bit offputting with my other sister and stuff going her/husband allowed to happen to her stepson. I want to step in so badly for the child’s sake, but I can’t.

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