Nabal and Saul

Or men in my life are clueless and reckless…

Everything was fine for a while.
But now my dad is grumpy – who saw that coming?
Here is the problem. The weather sucks – very hot and humid is hell for his breathing.
My husband has been home for now four days and they stress each other out without saying a word.
And my dad will come over and say hey you know we should get a rocket kit (not that but I just can’t think of a better ilustration right now) – and I will say why? and he will have some reason and I will say that’s an interesting idea and then he leaves.

And waits.
For a rocket kit.
because I thought his idea was okay
He thinks I am making it happen.
I am not.
I forget.
He comes by and says where is the rocket – I say what rocket?
He says the rocket I told you to order!
I say I thought we were just having a conversation – I do not remember being told to order a rocket.
I think is he teasing me?
then we talk about something else. end of story. I thought.
He sulks and I don’t even know it until days later.

goodness …I hope it was just the weather and he feels lots better today.

Meanwhile my dear hubby Nabal never lets me get to the point before being dismissive and it is making me crazy. so darn frustrating here.


4 thoughts on “Nabal and Saul

    1. gmaali Post author

      that is the issues you deal with when you have your father-in-law help you financially. Pop paid for the place he lives in to be build on our property so if he is not living there my husband better cut a lot of corners – don’t see that on the horizon

  1. cagey

    It sounds like you need some better communication going. Don’t worry though… it’s a regular pattern with some dads…. and it seems.. some husbands.

    1. gmaali Post author

      yeah since my dad and husband are closer in age than my husband and I…somedays I feel like I am on the set of Grumpy Old Men Dust Devil Edition.


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