Figured it out!

ta da!! – ya know, my dad can be a challenge at times. But I love him.
and I figured out what the problem is (I think)
The other day we were going to go somewhere and I told him I would drive since I had air conditioning and his has been broken for about 4 months. He said that was okay because his car wouldn’t start anyhow – maybe a dead battery?
Then he was saying the other day about getting his car looked at – I thought he was talking about the A/C
Poor papa – He has been stuck at home with no car (though it sits in the driveway) and just getting more grumpy at being trapped. I see, we will look into that tomorrow..even if he hates my guts for now.


2 thoughts on “Figured it out!

  1. annamatrix

    HomiGAWSH… the communication at your place is just CR-azy!! Although… my mom called five times this weekend, and refuses to leave a message. So if we didn’t do *69, I wouldn’t even know it was her. I haven’t spoken to her in four weeks, btw… so that’s… yeah.


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