Sukkot 2013

bigsuccahSlept in the sukkah Saturday night – and we had…wind advisory 45 MPH winds. It was cold. really cold for me – under 50 degrees and the wind is whipping everything through. finally came inside at 3:30 am
My intention was to go out and set it up nicer so Sunday night I would not be so cold but the day had another direction to go.
Pop wanted to go shopping – since his car is in the shop I took him (Hubs and Kiddo were out for a motorcycle ride and watching the football game)
Everyone was out of the house we were looking for a folding chicken roasting rack – no such monster now a days it seems. We got a quick bite and headed home. It was about 4 when we got to the house unloaded the stuff and then we found one of pop’s guineas hung up by his foot in the fence.
I have to say good thing it was me finding it. Pop was super upset – the poor bird.
I got his mangled limb loose and we took him to my porch for minor surgery (seperating the mangled leg part from the rest of the leg.) Put a pressure bandage on the stump and hopefully he will live.
by the time I finished milking it was dark and I had asked My kid to put a light on the chicks because they were pretty tiny and one was injured. But when I got inside I saw the heat lamp was just sitting there and the chick was freezing to death outside. I was so mad – I asked him why the lamp was not on the babies? He went out to set it up and brought me a limp chick. Barely breathing. I went from mad to furious. I spent an hour encouraging it to live and of course then it is 9 pm and I can’t set up the sukkah for sleeping warmly that late, maybe tomorrow. It is pretty to look at though.
The baby bird decided it would survive the night and has two siblings and one cousin who can’t run right – so all is well today – so far. \(‘v’)/


2 thoughts on “Sukkot 2013

  1. gmaali Post author

    I have an awesome thing for you if we are still here next week – I ordered it in the mail. but it is takign some time to get here.
    and today is a million times better than the other day so just sticking with it. we will get where we are going. 😀


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