Well woman

Did I post about the Woman at the well last spring? I thought I did but I could not find it – in case you wanted to peek at it. here ya go:

The Samaritan woman at the well. It reminded me a little bit of the dream I had of the staircase. remember that?

Here’s this woman. And here’s the Messiah, a Jewish man, starting up a conversation with her. And she says – Why are you talking to me? You guys never talk to us – remember? we are the scum of the earth? And you want me to get you some water? Whatever – seems like she has been tricked before, he will probably take a sip and then spit it all over and tell her it tastes like wet dog…or maybe that is just her?
And here is Yeshua saying I know what you are seeking. Hmmm. maybe she thinks : Sure you do buckaroo..
But this woman is awesome, she starts interrogating him, questioning about what he is offering. Water?


Living WATER??

how does he plan to carry out when he says he can do? just who does he think he is? Is he better than the Patriarchs? The arrogance of these Rabbi’s! I remember asking Him myself, “Got any other brilliant ideas?”

Nope, just this one.

and this woman is so bold, like Ruth, she comes up and says Ok – I believe you – gimme, help me please, I want what you are talking about – I am not even sure what you are offering but I know you have what I need. And when he says go get your husband, she drops her gaze and says I don’t have one. Sure she has a guy. Hangs out with her, sleeps with her, takes advantage of her, but he does not do what a husband is supposed to do. He does not offer her water, he only takes.

And Yeshua says You tell the truth woman. You do not have a husband.

She does not argue but her eyes spill over with frustration and sorrow as she brings her confusion to him. Since it is obvious He is a prophet, maybe He will help her…She explains how she’s taught different things. Should we worship here or there? Why are we looked down on? We just want to do our best, I don’t understand!! No one can give her a straight answer!! She doesn’t know who to believe. Why is it so hard to figure out ?!

But she is completely confident that when the Messiah comes she can believe Him, she longs for the day!

And when He says – Looking for me? Here I am. She knows He is telling the truth. Did her heart drop? Did she think she would die of shock?

When she recovered a bit, I wonder if she buried her head in his cloak and laughed until she cried, or cried until she laughed.

I am certain He joined her. Poor little sister, don’t cry…

And then the guys come back and they brought food. They see their Rabbi chatting it up with Samaritain lady and they are kinda freaking out.

Uh – hey umm Boss? – we got some chips and uh…stuff.. but Yeshua says – I am not hungry! I am satisfied. He is nourished by bringing the truth.

I know how this Samaritan woman feels. Maybe only, 1% of how she felt but I know. She told her whole town. And they believed. She knew what the truth would look like, because she’d had been looking for it forever.

And so it is with a placeholder, yes this woman has a man in her life. She has had many men in her life. She knows what’s missing because she could see what she lacks. What they can not give her. She’s thirsty, she craves living water, she begs to be washed in the Word. And her Savior says, I’ve got you covered, little sister. Don’t worry the time is coming, hang on..



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