where have I been?

The bad thing about not logging into your online journal because you are too busy is that you are not going to remember all the cool stuff and if you did bring everything awesome up – no one would care to take the 45 minutes to read it. And that is considering that all the people I know are very fast readers.
It has been a time like that around here.
Well some has been good and some has been cruddy..

So we can divide this into sections, right?

House/Home – not done yet – working very slowly on tearing out the old and putting in the new.

Family –
Husband – has been working a lot on all kinds of things at work – some nights he just camps in the parking lot. Better than driving an hour home for two hours of nap and driving back out again.

Kiddo – super great awesome, love him.

Sister – who? I am in a constant state of fret over this one. All but moved in with a meglomaniac that lives at his moms. we have seen him once or twice since they started dating in Feb. She insists she studies better there. She works two days a week – spends the night there for 5 or 6 and sees us (waking hours) for about 2. What the hell happened? I don’t know but I hate it. She has become the moodiest most defensive girl on the planet. I am so mad about that. I know she is a grown up – a grown up who has lived rent free for about a decade and had every thing paid for her no one lets her struggle. Everyone helps her. And she shows her appreciation by expressing the one characteristic everyone hates about my mother – the willingness to walk away from your family with out looking back because you got someone feeding you moon pies and dream clouds, you have no idea…

Brother the younger – getting married soon. He is happy – they are happy – all happiness there.
Brother the older – had his anniversary yesterday and they are happy happy..all happiness there.

Pop – is doing pretty good – we are getting out of the house more so he is in a better mood. except when he heard his baby girl was going up north (300 + miles away) with the love of her life (that no one even knows) for a week so she can do her hands on class. You gotta understand when I complain about this guy it is because normally we get along so well. He is helpful, we hang out, he likes his animals – it is cool.

Critters – got a few goats bred – for end of Feb/beginning of March – got a few goats gone too – no young boys left for sale one stinky buck gone and more people are looking into getting some. I have about 8 young girls still for sale and one obnoxious milker. Not getting a lot of milk from them but ah well. It’s late in the season I forgive them.

Now Spiritual stuff.

I can not wait to share with you guys I am gonna head my happy rear to the post office and get something today and then make your package up and mail it..I hope you like it. And that way if the San Andre decides to give up on us – you will still have a little goodie in your hands. okay?
Sorry for the drama but..I have been waiting some time also… you will love it. I just know it.


2 thoughts on “where have I been?

  1. gmaali Post author

    except when I think about my sister…then I get angry. But there came a time this fall when I realized that Being a light is not about setting people on fire. It is about doing the best you can and if they come looking for light you got it and if they don’t …it sucks donkey, but not withing my realm of influence. I put somethign of FB yesterday for a friend and loverboy actually stepped up and insulted my longtime friend and told me that if my friends would get their act together we would not have a problem. ((..insert seething anger here…))


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