Hope n stuff

I hope y’all got your packages today – Cagey if you want a copy let me know. I have been busy learning. A bunch of stuff…
Does anyone remember a long time back when we were sharing resources for Hebrew study and
I had these pages I had printed off the net – then scanned back into the computer?
It was about a decade ago when I found this study of each letter of the Aleph Bet and
how everything points to Yahshua as the Messiah Aleph – Bet Pages
But since I didn’t understand hebrew back then I couldn’t process it. Hey lets face it it is not easy to believe the whole bible. Everyone is trapped in a bit of a box, we do the best we can but there is always the nagging part of our heart that says what are we doing? Why? Where do we fit in?

My issue has always been know what the book says – for reals. When you read the whole book straight through you get a sense of cohesiveness, but if it is all penned by the same mind then why is there so much contradiction?
I was interested in the Canadians ideas with the SDH system the but I think they are flawed in a few ways. First off when they revert to the definitions they have come up with it sounds like chinese written directions on how to assemble a BBQ – “the beginning of the metal hot of being careful to touching it burn of may occur with use”
I can’t read it – but something about it seemed right.
enter Mr. Bissell – he has a very interesting point – Daniel was told to seal up the book until the time of the end. How could he do that? This guy explains the current hebrew letter forms came into use around the time of Daniel – wikipedia says : Following the fall of the Kingdom of Judah in the 6th century BCE, in the Babylonian exile, Jews adopted the Aramaic script, which was another offshoot of the same family of scripts, evolved into the Jewish, or “square” script, that is still in use today and known as the “Hebrew aleph-bet”.
But now We have a signifigant group of folks that are hungry for truth. And when I look at the big picture I know in my heart I have to do the best that I can to understand and examine what is before me.

Keep in mind I HATE watching videos. When people want to show me something I think UGH, Is it longer than 5 minutes? I used YTD video Downloader and copied all his stuff off of You Tube and sent emails for the handouts and some postage so they sent some of the big charts. I got a few so I can send one to you if you want…
Here is this guy talking about repeated patterns how it reflects the tabernacle. I can not get over how much sense he is making.
and some stuff is funny – the people in the church that was hosting his talks were nervous Jamie Louis is the guy who was the pastor I think – but he has a sense of humor they just don’t realize you can laugh in church maybe.
Of course the Torah scrolls have always been meticulously copied – if there is a weird dot here or a little letter there – is it in every Torah scroll that has been written by hand. But only the first five books – We have thousands of different versions and to top it off and even when you read something pretty straight forward you often have a teacher who has some twist or excuse why it is not to be taken at face value.
I started with the intro then I watched the 4 hours with Ten Matters (ten commandments) then I started the Aleph bet series. ( I am on vav part one now )
I hope you spend some time with it – I think it is awesome. If you read the paper I sent with the files – “The Eriktology Font”, paper gives a bit of a background on the whole deal.


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