Breathing – Pause

Okay I guess the other day’s post warrants an explaination.

My two younger siblings found signifigant others during last years valentines free trial at a dating website. The brother is getting married at the beginning of next month. And the sister is all but moved into her guys house already. So changes abound around here. It is a big deal.
I have always been so close to my younger siblings and they are both with people who are either miles away from the rest of the family on religious and/or political views and…oh yuck.

I suppose the good thing is holidays will be less of a problem. Because no one will be anywhere near us as far as spiritual matters. But there is a deep ache and sense of loss as you worry about your siblings. It makes me wonder if you can have wheat and tares in the same tiny house growing up. My heart just aches with a sadness that makes your eyes spill over even when you are not sobbing…

Today I think I am making tzit tzit. I saw a great study on the Dalet and Vav a few days ago. Let me see if I can bring it to you.

Nice huh? The Slave is at the door making a choice to stay with the Master – the Master is the Vav The man of the house and the idea that the door is always open is the “Hey!” Cool huh?


2 thoughts on “Breathing – Pause

  1. gmaali Post author

    with no mom – it kind of falls on me – also the main reason why I am so tenderhearted towards my dad – there is no one else who has any concern for him at all. I can mostly keep him from getting in too much trouble. But it isn’t easy.


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