And what have I done..

today we get ready for carpeting tomorrow!
Which means I have to clean the house of everything – boo.
Funny how I only have a chance to type once a week.
because I am LAME-O.
This weekend on Saturday evening, Danny went to ta firends house for the night and then my husband and I delivered some goats to a very nice family, then we went shopping and then it was 9 pm, we were hungry and few places were open so we settled for IHOP. My dad called and asked if I could come look at something real quick. But he thought I was at the house. Not 30 miles away. He was freaking out.

I got home in 30 minutes and went to talk to him – he was upset – he didn’t feel right, his legs felt weird, his blood pressure was wacked out, he had taken some anxiety pills. I said we can head out to urgent care no problem. but I think he was just panicky cuz he was lonely. I dished up some ice cream and he got some ice cream and he wanted to talk and after a while he felt better.
Since then it has been a non stop cleaning blitz for carpet guys.
My brother gets married first Saturday of November and my husband’s mom will be out to visit the next day.
So soon I will have happy pictures of nice new floor (I hope!)
And that is why I have had no time to dive into the meaty stuff.


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