stuff we did



Ok these are pictures of how it used to look – it is so hard to find pictures that show a good view. But anyhow it gives you an  idea.




We changed the door, the floor, the paint and took out some stuff.




newstove entry

This is the toasty room but my husband said he didn’t want book cases in here….Whaa?!?

and the new bright door lights up the entry way area.

I had a crazy idea that moving the TV away from the toasty room to the front room would be a good idea – for the record it is not. My husband insists he can hear just fine but …I have my doubts.



This is the bedroom that Danny will use – we let my husbands mom use it when she came to visit (yesterday!) – that is why there is a make up mirror and flowers on the desk. Danny was trying to help grandma feel at home.

Of course the house looks nice cuz everything was dumped and put elsewhere…I have so much work ahead of me…and that is why I do not have time to blog so much. I read as much as I can…but my husband has been home doing house stuff a lot lately and it has been super stressful.

And since everything is so hectic people just kept piling crap in my room and when your desk looks like this is it so hard to be motivated to work.

workstationThe rest of the room ain’t much better

And since my dump room shares a door with the garage. the dump continues.



3 thoughts on “stuff we did

  1. cagey

    hmmm, from a design perspective, I’d say the ”toasty” room needs something to make it pop. Built-ins and storage perhaps? But the thing that really throws my eye is the colour of the woodstove. It just isn’t happenin’ for me. It draws your eye over there, and now without the TV there.. that’s the only thing over there. For the rest.. you need some storage hon. Having it organized and de-cluttered would make you feel less cramped and motivated. 🙂

  2. gmaali Post author

    Oh yeah – my husband is a believer in totes…me not so much. I see totes is to clutter as tupperware is to unwanted leftovers. A place ot hide something until you are ready to throw it away. just gotta start somewhere….I would like a wing chair in there by the lamp and a table for my warm beverage and a footstool so I can crochet in there and read.


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