When you get a moment

AS if…
I know – I know – there are not enought minutes in a day.
But has anyone watched any of the Eriktology videos?
I need to admit that they are fond of checking stuff in the big red dictionary and while that would be nice I just do not have the $200 or so bucks ot spend on it – so too dern bad.
But So far I am up to the Chet part II I think or maybe just started Tet – I have been wanting to catch up on all of it – but between my dad having anxiety attacks and my little brother getting married and my sister missing the wedding so she could take a class up north by Oakland CA in order to be prepared for the national Board Test that she missed the deadline of anyhow UGH. and the surprise of all surprises that my other brother and his wife showed up for the whole wedding – yowza.

That was interesting.

Tomorrow I am taking pop to see his doctor. Some days he thinks he is feeling okay and some days he feels crappy but a consistant theme has been heart burn and he needs to have that checked out because anything that keeps you up at night is not going to have a positive effect on your well being.

Anyhow, busy busy – like I said.
But I really want to get back into the study because this guys explaination is so crazy on board with what I think, it is kinda of creepy. Besides if you want the poster he talks about I have a couple extra for my favorite bloggers 😀
Ordered them special for You!!!


4 thoughts on “When you get a moment

  1. gmaali Post author

    Hey Cagey – he is on a lot of meds right now – be he is afraid to take anything weird or new unless his Doc says it is safe to do so. His current medical conditions incude congestive heart failure (which is not failing as of now – in fact it is improving with his medication) High Blood Pressure, COPD, and Psoriasis. And we are purty darn far from a hospital, so he is also got some Anxiety going on that if something happens he doens’t know if it is serious or not. He had his Gallbladder removed a while back and he thinks he eats well, but he really doesn’t – he eats 50% great stuff and 50% garbage – so his digestive systerm is wacked and he has bone spurs in his neck.
    I supposse that explains why he is always in such a good mood huh?

  2. cagey

    Well, bad eating habits, medications, and stress can all lead to reflux. If he’s having it every single day that is acid reflux disease. I would see if the doctors can recommend a medication that can hopefully help and should not interact. Left untreated it can certainly lead to ulcers and worse problems down the line. Probiotics can also help restore good bacteria to the gut.


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