other people’s kids..

This week was a huge investment of emotion.
I have a problem.
A dear friend of mine is losing her son.
Not to illness, or violence.
But pure selfishness.
He has been sliding down hill for some time.
In with the wrong crowd – doing stupid things.
The other night he left in the middle of the night.
He didn’t come home in the morning.
I drove my friend to the police station after noon and
encouraged her to file a runaway report.
Then I drove her over hill and dale to try to find him
We ended up at one of his friend’s houses where they offered a pathetic story.
they said he came by with a friend in a truck that ran out of gas
(up a mountain – cuz that is the place to be with no fuel in your truck!)
Then the sister of the guy picked them up and took them clear to the other side of town.
Funny thing was the out of gas truck (of course I looked -right?) has a new can of coke sitting on the center of the fold down front seat. When I abandon my out of gas vehicle up the side of a mountian I always leave a can of coke in there in case it gets thristy, don’t you?
So we crept back down the mountain looking as we went ended up at her house 5 minutes later and amazingly in the past two minutes they got gas drove it up to the house on the mountain, filled the truck and came back down the hill to bring my friend’s son home. One and a half miles away.
Out steps my friends son with a can of coke in his hand and a big ol’stoned smile on his face.
I tore him up.
I was so mad.
You sat in the house – listened to your mama hysterical on the porch and let her believe a lie?
Shame on you boy.
Shame on your friends.
Sad to say, shame on your mama for letting it get this far.

Later the police came by and chewed him out.
made him toss out his drugs and stuff.
needless to say that has occupied a huge portion of my emotions lately. And time.


4 thoughts on “other people’s kids..

    1. ali

      true indeed, I have a theory that when the kids turn 13 their basic personality is set. if you are competitive at 13 you are the same at 30. if you are a drama queen at 13 same at 45. conceited, analytical, defiant, curious, shy…only a person who invests a huge amount of energy on self renovation overcomes their basic self. She can’t change him now.


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