Say what?!?

gave my husband some bad news today..

The news I delivered was, Yeshua is not a deity.
Huh? wha? But the church teaches that….
Sweetie, I know this is hard to believe but the church is not that smart.
They teach people things that they are clueless on.
Just because they believe it is not a good reason to pass it on.

why would I even bring that up?
“Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!
Well, honestly something in Anna’s blog perked my ears up the other day.
The Jewish site she linked to has this from a Midrash Tefillat from Ribbi Shimon Bar Yohai: And in the sixth year, one star will sprout, and on its head is a staff of fire like a spear. And the nations of the world say, “It is ours!”, but it is not true – rather, it belongs to Israel, as it says, “There shall step forth a star out of Jacob”. And the time of its shining is in the first watch of the night until 2 hours. And it will gather for 15 days in the east and turn around to the west and do 15 days. And if it lasts longer, it is good for Israel.

It made me think of the lightning that flashes from the east to the west. And the people say – come and see! We found him! but it is not true…I mean I knew it went something like that so I was looking for that verse right around Luke 17 and this is what I came across.

Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; “nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Wowza – the kingdom of God does not come with observation. You can not sit around and wait for it to show up. Watching Does Not Make it Happen.
It is Within YOU.
You Cause it to Show UP!
I set before you a blessing and a curse.

I told my husband we need to read the gospels in order and see what they actually say. Yeshua is the rightful king, he is the King of Kings. He is the Word of Yahovah Abba made flesh. And he will return to rule and to turn the hearts of the children back towards their Father. He only says what the Father tells him – and when Yeshua says I and the Father are ONE – he means they are of one mind, one purpose, to bring back the love of the children for their Abba, their creator, and His instructions.

I know we have been over this a few times, but this season is particularly hard for me. I have no decorations. I have my oil lamps burning – all of them. not adding one at a time. Why would that be – I began to think of the irony of our current traditions and the history behind them.

Bad guys are eyeballing the treasury of the temple. High Preist Oneius tells everyone how awesome Yehovah is to His people. Greeks want money. Bad guy kills High Priest and becomes fake High Priest, he tells the greek king that he will corrupt the youth of the hebrews to walk away from the law and lust after the greek life. Money! Sports! Sex! Bacon!!
It says they had no faith in the ways of their fathers, but instead, they esteemed hellenic glories best of all.
No one alive today lives for that stuff now, do they?

The scene:
The temple is defiled, the gymnasium is built, keeping Sabbath is outlawed.
Women are thrown off the city walls with their circumcised babies hanging from their necks. The revered scribe – 90 years old is having his mouth forced open to eat pork. He says: no way! They said in a whisper [look Eleazer , we like you, we don’t want you to die. Go get some food that is okay for you to eat and we will ‘force’ you to eat that, so you can live!]
He starts headed for the execution area!
He says why would I trick these young believers into thinking that I became a pagan in my old age?!? So I could live in shame for a tiny bit longer?? No way! I will show them that it is better to suffer now and give glory to Ha’Shem.

The mother lost all seven of her sons in the same day – they refused to break the Torah – she watched them have the scalps peeled off their heads, their tounges cut out, their hands and feet chopped off and then be fried in boiling oil.
When she only had one son left the men told her to convince her young son to save his life – but instead she spoke to him in hebrew and told him – Do not fear this executioner, but prove yourself worthy of your brothers and accept death, so that I may receive you back with them in the day of mercy

On the 25th of Cheslev the temple was defiled and two years later it was rededicated. and then on the 25 some time later the Catholics took that day over and said let’s win us some converts by re-fashioning their celebration and use that to celebrate the Kings B-day! after all the hebrew people were forced to celebrate it EVERY month while the temple was defiled! So we are against celebrating the re-birth of the Sun God. But plenty of people think it is perfectly Christian to celebrate the birthday of God’s Son on that day instead. And they get presents! woo hoo! And later when the Jews saw all the Christmas specials on TV – the result? Jonathan Sarna, professor of American Jewish history  at Brandeis University, explains that Jews used to exchange gifts only on Purim, but in the late 19th century there was a shift from Purim to Hanukkah. Christmas itself became magnified in the late 19th century when it became a national holiday in America. The Jewish custom shifted in imitation of Christmas, as its consumerism grew.

Well that sucks.
These people were fried to death to avoid eating a bite of pork. Murdered for avoiding even the semblance of defiance against the Torah. And now they will toss it out the window so they can fit in.
next time the two gift exchanges line up are – Sat, 24 December 2016 at sundown (25th of Kislev, 5777)
it is hard to figure out what is the best way. I am not picking on anyone else – I am just letting you know I am still working on the best answer for me in my own spirit.


5 thoughts on “Say what?!?

  1. annamatrix

    I’m not on board with this. He didn’t say They were of one mind or purpose, He said they were ONE. In fact, He said, before the world was created, I Am. John said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word *WAS* God. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” That’s pretty dadgum clear: Messiah *IS* a diety, because He IS God. It says so.

  2. cagey

    Ali: you’re wrestling with a hard concept here. That is the nature and ‘makeup’ if you will of the Lord. The key phrase the Word became flesh.. this means that Yeshua in the womb became transformed/’flesh’. The human form ‘Messiah’ became annointed from the get-go. Now back in early Judaic/Christianity there was quite a devide between Jews that believed in Yeshua but could not agree on if He was truely a spiritual entity made flesh within the womb, or if He was flesh already and the ‘spirit’ of Adonai entered into an already physical form. The argument then continued later on into concepts of the ‘Triune’ form of the Lord… this line of thinking literally somehow split the Lord into different ‘aspects’ and faces. But the reality is, they are all one, because He is the all and the everything.

    Understand that anyone can read the Gospels… and can read the entire Bible for that matter and not see what they actually say. It depends on how drawn to truth they are. If they are really ready to see it for what it is. Yeshua is Yehovah. They are one and the same, just at that moment in a fleshy form. It is not that they are different aspects… they are one. The Israelites.. and the world for that matter, constantly needed a physical form to worship (because they had a hard time worshipping something they could not see), in the same way pagans did. Thus the Lord came into physical form so that the people could see the Sacrificial Lamb in a form that they could understand, speak with, challenge.. and see the prophecy fulfillment. When it is said that the Kingdom is within us, I always took this to mean that as a no-brainer. We are said to be made in the image of God. Thus everything, including us.. are made in His image and for His purpose. We know that the spiritual ‘kingdom’ is Heaven. But Yehovah is always ‘with us’, within us, around us. But we should not be egoist/humanist to assert (egoist is an incorrect term to use here, but I can not find another word to insert) that since the ‘kingdom’ is within us, or that we are made in His image, that we too become some sort of divine entity. That is a slipperly slope to Gnostic even Mormon thought. Remember that we are still imperfect, we still sin, and still must atone to Adonai. Yehovah is the divine diety (and diety is not even the correct term to apply either.. it seems still somehow diminutive.) because He is all.. beginning and end, everything.

    The analogy and the forced conversion story you’re using is a good one, to show how ancient Jewish ancestors were willing to die in the most horrific way in order to not break Torah. And, how weak we have become, yes? The tale is from Maccabees though, which is not even utilized in the Tanakh, and fair warning.. for being written as such as date as it was supposed to be has a lot of basis inside for Catholicism itself. It certainly contradicts Judaic thought at times. Apocryphal books have their own merits, yes, and good insight of historical context, but many smack of propaganda for their time. But you know what? It’s all rather a moot point, for regardless of the book’s exact purpose, it was written before Yeshua’s sacrifice. The lines between clean and unclean, salvation and faith changed quite a bit after that. As we draw nearer to Him, we grow and change in our faith a little bit each day.. each year. We each do as we hope is best that is pleasing to Him. Hope this makes sense.. I rarely do.

  3. cagey

    I would also further add that Maccabees, mentions a great deal about Hellinism (afterall this is in the time of Hellinistic Jews), therefore documents written in this time would be vastly different to the basic roots of Judaism. I firmly believe this is one of the reasons it was rejected. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merits, but there are some kooky things that crop up from time to time.

  4. gmaali Post author

    Being raised Catholic I always thought that Maccabees was a normal part of the bible. I didn’t even know there were considered weird until I was well into adulthood. I was trying to show someone one an interesting thing in their bible and couldn’t find it – at all – I was SHOCKED. Where is the book of Tobit? How about Judith? why did they change it to Jude?? Sexist pi… whoa wait a second – Jude is here and there.. what the heck is happening??Can you imagine my confusion as a young person when the 100% inspired book that had to be completely perfect and trustworthy became moody and unpredictable? And then it was hard to regain any kind of assurance after that.
    I asked my husband what the word “Christ” meant yesterday. Honestly he has no clue – and I barely know. Of course my husband says he knows – everyone knows – but if I press him he gets moody And I bet if you asked a hundred average people they would not know.
    The thing that bothers me the most is the Praying at the Table ‘Lord Je-sus – thank you for this food, and this day. in Je-sus Name amen.”

    I lose my appetite every time.
    you are not 3 years old!
    Grow a set!
    I was reading Anna’s post on the love triangle a while back. Ya know the one where God is at the top and as you head up one side and your spouse heads up the other and eventually you get to this close awesome relationship.?
    ‘cept My huband seems to have butter on his side because he makes a weak effort to move upward and doesn’t get anywhere – when I met him I thought he was moving up! but he is standing still – marching in place, sliding back to the bottom. I am climbing, working, stuggling and it is bugging me….a lot


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