just another day…

when you walk away from the worlds ways of celebrating a day that is not spectacular in any way. Except the stores are closed. It is a bizarre feeling.
Of course I am not going to be a Grinch and spoil the party for others – but we have no decorations up. The only sign that anything unusual is going on is that my husband is home from work this week and we have a handful of cards from people we almost never see on the counter. Maybe tonight we will have a grand kid over to claim some gifts. But they are pretty meager offerings for a rather spoiled little one.
The other gifts will be given to the local grandkids on Sunday morning over breakfast because – almost thankfully – the other family members are all a flutter with the Hallmark spirit and I, quite frankly do not need the competition.
My guys went out fishing yesterday and caught a ton of fish.
On one hand the fukishima scare is pretty intense – but they were all local rock fish and stuff – not things that zip back and fourth to japan – so here is hoping we are safe.
I have been exhausted. Flat out.