The cruddy thing is there is so much to say to my two or three occasional adoring fans out there in cyber-land. The hideous thing – is my organizational skills…

I guess I am just a crappy writer. Oh I love to read, and learn and talk and teach…

But when I come back to share my adventures I think..novella or snippets?

There is the greenhouse for my dad – that looks fabulous! Everyone worked together on it.

My dad helped also – it has been a theme that every year the guys get along for a while and work on something together – very nice! Well that is not exactly true – the truth is they have both been working very hard to find common ground and if I am thankful for anything it is that! We had a few grumpy days, but my dad has been good about realizing what are his triggers – not getting enough sleep, arthritis in his neck acting up, digestion not going so good. I am proud of him for that. When he needs a break because he is losing his temper – he will come back and say I think I am grouchy because I only slept for 2 hours last night. He wants to grow an orange tree inside the green house. I would LOVE that.

Just got our dog spayed – only $220 – ouch. But if it means she will be more interested in killing coyotes than inviting them over for date nights – it will be well worth it.

I just finished the letter Noon in my eriktology videos. wow.

Honest truth – the amount of stuff I agree with this guy on almost makes me nervous. But after longing desperately for something that really makes sense… finally!

My hope is to get a review of a letter per week in my eriktology tab.

Only bad part is – since this is hanging things on pegs I already have – it makes a lot of sense to me. My husband doesn’t have those pegs – when I was working at figuring – he was watching Fox News and MMA…so I am walking a bit alone. I am hoping My husband gets interested enough to look into it from time to time.

I have my very first batch of mexican chicken and rice in the oven – so I need to peek at it. But look for the letter reviews soon!




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