The beginning of the pattern…

The first part of the story in a nutshell.

Aleph – the plan, the idea, the inking, The concept

That something could be made that was separate – out there a whole new and different form…a Bet – something to interact with and love and be loved by.

But once it is out there an ambassador – a Gimel – will be sent from Heaven to Earth a boomerang, to take my message to their hearts.

Will they choose to yield to my plan? When I knock at the door, Dalet, will they answer? will they Decide they love me? will they be my bride?

If not I will reveal my message more clearly – Hey! Look! Here is Yeshua! The very instructions for life walking among you! A Man (vav) like you! to connect Your heart to mine! You are in the darkness of Sin – but see that light in the darkness? Do you see the white linen curtain of the tabernacle back lit by fire? It is safe and you will be loved and looked after there. My Wedding Chamber awaits! 

Yeshua was cut off was put to the Zayin – the sword and killed outside the tabernacle. Like the red heifer of sacrifice which purifies those contaminated by sin.  If you want to come in you need to be washed in the ashes, the blood the water. No man comes to the Father but through the Messiah. 

But nothing makes sense until you come in. Are you ready?


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