It starts off slow…

See the bad thing about The aleph bet  is – it starts out slow.

And my computer will be gone until Monday so I will only have my phone around to type on a tiny 2 x 3 inch keyboard.

Back to the Aleph bet. And the Mishkan pattern.

The mishkan (Tabernacle) Pattern is really the whole thing here.

The Aleph Bet Starts outside the tabernacle with stuff pretty much everyone knows.

The Artist formed something out of nothing.

A Baby, a Bride to hide his love inside

And when they forgot where to Go, The Gimel Guided them (that is the prophets)

To Direct them to the Doorway, but the Decision is yours!

Hey! Let me show you! Sometimes the Hey is whispered, Sometimes it is shouted. But it is always the Artist showing something important for those who are willing to listen.

Vav – is a peg a nail a connection. It is also the number 6, the number of Man. People were formed on the 6th day. 

Zayin is the weapon it is cutting off and making separate, it is dividing the common from the holy. the curses from the blessings. 

Now most people stop here. they think oh hooray! I am Clean indeed. That was fun! But they never take on their part of the process, but really, think about it, how can you learn to be a bride until after the wedding? And I know there is the future GRAND wedding – that is not this – this is the individual growth, not the collective gathering. Matthew 22 talks about the wedding guests not being worthy (that would be the original bride – Israelites) so they were told to go gather up anyone who would come in. but after everyone was in there are still people who get kicked out, because they are not prepared.

Can you imagine – “hey bub, what are you doing here?

Oh ya know I want to be in the wedding party!!

But you haven’t even gotten dressed – you don’t really seem like you are prepared for a wedding!

Oh yeah – but it doesn’t matter because my groom will get me something to wear –

Um …no. go take your self to the store and get it your self…Buh-bye!

Point is – you have all this time to prepare NOW.

Chet – is the sheep fold, the linen walls of the Tabernacle, the place of the wedding feast. 

Tet is a full basket, it is a ripe harvest, it is a sword and shield to defend It is protection, provision and a mark – to say you belong here. 

Yod is the hand of the creator that says this is mine, this is my work this is my bride, this is my good pleasure. 

Kaf is the open hand of blessing, it is the wings of a momma bird gathering her young, it is the words of life written in rows.

Lamed is the staff that nudges those who stray back onto the path, it is learning over and over, it is a hook and a goad, it is in the hand of the shepherd. 

Mem is incubating, developing, like a womb, like a seed like the weeks counted of Shavuot

Nun is leaping up – like a fish, like a baby being born out of the water, 

Chet through Nun is all in the courtyard of the tabernacle – this is the bride agreeing to the ketuba (the bridal contract) – when she comes into the wedding feast and learning the life of a newlywed. It is like the Betrothal. Where the couple is Joined, but not intimate yet. 

These are also all keyed to the Spring Feasts. 


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