What I need..

is lessons in how to organize things.
Because let me tell you, it is not that I am avoiding posting because I have nothing to say.
More that I have too much disjointed stuff to day.

I just finished the Noon/Samech lesson.. The way it is set up is the first seven letters are outside. The next seven letters are the spring feasts and are in the courtyard.
And the next three are the fall feast in the Holy place before the Most holy place.
Then there is the Tzadi when we see the letter in it’s current form it looks like a person on their knees with their arms lifted up.  (ya think?) but the ancient form was a stick with a little squiggle coming off of the side – like a stump that is coming back to life.

I have been having crazy dreams. Last week I had one that I woke up very angry from. I was with a lady and she took me to a church. Looking quite a bit like the house of lords – Except for the two big baptism spas up front…kinda like:

imagine full of people - kay?

imagine full of people – kay?

So she leads me in kinda from where that yellow doorway was – it is crowded full of milk toast chrisitans – people that I like! But, in my mind they are stuck in a rut. The lady I am with tells me – Oh let’s see how the spirit is moving today! and I was telling her …umm hate to break it to you , but you are in the wrong place!

So they were having Baptisms up front and everyone was trying to talk me into going down. Yeah , no. Kay? Thnx.
There were tons of people getting baptized and everyone was cheering and clapping for them, it was in short…very silly. Of all the people in the world Kirk Cameron sits next to me and tries to talk me into making a decision to get baptized. I tell him really, I do not need to – I have already been baptized. But he carries on and on about how it is the right choice. I finally told him to shut up. See these people?!? I have seen the same people baptized on FOUR different occasions! Lame-O! He says I should get baptized with my kid since my kid has not been baptized yet. Um…nope. not my job. He kept looking at someone behind me and trying to be casual in taking his cues – but finally he gave the sign that I wasn’t budging – it was a lost cause! My husband was sitting behind me….
Then I stood up walk right down front – called my kid and before he showed up I told those people that The scripture says there is only ONE baptism required – going through this FOUR times is not right, just so you will hear the applause of your buddies, make your parents happy – this is the reward you are looking for and it is the only one you will get!
Then I woke up. But wow-ee I was angry!

Last night I had a dream that Everyone was waiting for a number in a row for some disaster – like : 999.9 as if to say: almost there! or 777 some thing that was super significant looking but I was told that was silly also – it would be like a quarter to four when most people were on their way home, but most were not there yet. 3:43pm  that was interesting.

Onto non spiritual news…I discovered I have 36 goats yesterday. ((O.o)) wha? how did that happen? Over half were goats born in the last two years. Gave shots to half of them. I was so sore and tired.
I ordered the book about the F. Reserve. by Mr. Griffin …but UPS has no idea how to ship things so likely I won’t receive it. Grrr. So I started reading it online – if you want to fuel your hatred of something – I highly recommend it. If you want a copy I will e-mail it to you as a PDF.

It has been crazy warm here. 70’s….I don’t like freezing – but we really need some water. the trees are all thinking about blossoming. It is JANUARY!!! hullo!

Anyhow – I haven’t forgotten you – I am just overwhelmed. But better to post something random I guess than to ignore posting at all…


3 thoughts on “What I need..

  1. fiberaddict

    I’d love a copy! And goats……we’re at 30-something, and I just bred 5 does. :sigh: we *need* milk, though….and my long-term milkers are at 20 months, and have dropped off or dried up.

    I need to watch your vids. I will get to them…I will!


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