Shabbat for what?

Not sure if all y’all know this bit of trivia – but I love lighting the candles on Friday night.

I have no ceremony, I am alone…but I just love doing it. I have no candle holders, so I have been going between lighting my lovely Butterfly carved candle and my scented candles that my sister got for me. But inevitably you can’t just let them burn there comes a time when you have to blow them out before bed…and it always makes me sad.

Then the other day we took our usual Tuesday trip after picking up the grandson from school and headed to the Jerky Chapel – which is just a little trailer that a couple sells delicious beef jerky from. But oddly they were closed. So we went next door to the antique shop to ask where our jerky folks were and the lady at the counter called around and found out they had been having a hard week and couldn’t open the shop this week. and then I saw a candle holder sitting in a basket there on the counter…

yay for hebrew lessons!

yay for hebrew lessons!

I was looking at it and thinking what does it say?

Shabbat is the easy part.. but the writing below was a little tricky for me. is the first letter a Hey?

Or a Chet? then Interrobang! it hit me!

Qof! Shabbat Kodesh! Yay! I can read something!

For ten bucks I took it home! The lady behind the counter asked me what it said – Sanctified Sabbath! she looked at me like – that’s nice lady…have fun with your crazy writing.

So now I have a candle holder! And I started thinking about Shabbat…it made me think of why anyone does anything?

Why make dinner? So people will enjoy eating it.

Why paint a picture? So people will enjoy looking at it!

Why plant a tree? To enjoy the fruit and shade.

Now lets say you have a nice dinner planned and you straighten the house and put out all the fixings and invite people over that you dearly love and miss and they…go make a sandwich? Mop the floor? Complain about work? Are preoccupied? How do you feel?

Unappreciated for one thing I am sure, but also unloved I imagine. Why build a club house for your kids? To play in! Building for the sake of building is futile. The Creator of the Universe doesn’t need a nap – He needs to spend time enjoying his kids – and watching them enjoy all that has been spread before them.  He craves that quiet time to whisper in the ear of His beloved.

It is so sweet and romantic…when you think on it. And that is what I intend to do…



One thought on “Shabbat for what?

  1. annamatrix

    That’s a beautiful candle holder! What a find. I’m impressed that you knew what it meant, too. I can read it, but I’ll be darned if I know what it means. ((O_o))


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