Whoa Baby!

danmanMy kid – My Danny Boy.
I can’t believe it….He was born a month early – I thought he would arrive on 3/21 – but he choose 2/22 – and last night I started looking into Bar Mitzvah stuff…How can I celebrate? What can we do?

When I looked up some stuff on the internet I saw that naming his Jacob was appropriate because he has tricked me TWICE!
His Jewish Birthday is TODAY! The 29th of Shevat. That sneaky guy!
Of course I have nothing ready.

I have no idea what we can do. And he is reading the building of the mishkan in his studies and who would know it? THAT is his Torah portion that he would read for his Bar Mitzvah.

I am stunned. And kind of disappointed in myself – but so proud of him – what a great kid he is!

What a great man he is becoming!


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