Eddie the Yeti!

My son is calling him that. The breeder told me he was polled – but I seem to be feeling little bumps coming up – well at this point they will stay – I am not going to bother disbudding a baby goat that is a month old.

Edwin - AKA Eddie the Yeti

Edwin – AKA Eddie the Yeti

I thought more babies would be born by now – The nigerians usually have them around day 145 and the larger goats around day 150. The first nigerian that should kid is on day 147 today and is still just chilling out. The Nubian FF is on day 150 on Wed.  So should be an interesting week here.

And Eddie is a fiber type dairy goat – a Nigora – but mixed with a sanaan. All of his family are registered – and I *could* register him with the Nigora club, but I do not feel like I need to juggle so many registries.

And this week was my son’s actual birthday – originally I wanted to rent the Tempest Freerunning Academy in the Valley and have some friends go – but to make it cost effective it would take ten friends and it was 80 miles away…
Homeschooled kids with grown siblings do not have ten friends that want to pack up and haul out to the city.
Nor do we have a way to get them there. But my son has wanted to go for…ever. tempestvidstills


But honestly this place looks so fun – if I was younger and not so creaky I would want to go play there – I just wish it wasn’t so far. It is way way down in Hawthorne. Driving down there is scary. But we go home safe and sound and all is well – next weekend he has 4-H winter camp – and they might actually have snow! how crazy is that?



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