Pull up your toes

I don’t want to step on them – however I heard something on the radio the other day that irked me so badly. I am having a hard time getting over it.

I am a radio channel flipper, so I am seek-ing my way through the 8-11 stations that I get in my area and it’s like “Gangster rap – nope! Mariachi music- nope! Spanish talk station – listen for a bit – nah, next! Classic rock – not now dear. Religious ranting – “I am justified in Christ! Know what that means? Just – if – I’d – never – sinned! ”  What?
Is that what they are telling people?

who comes up with this stuff?

At first I thought to blame Calvary Chapel – they have those little cutesy-isms for example :The sadducees were sad you see, because they didn’t believe in the resurrection –  well I never forgot that about the Sadducees – so I guess it worked, but honestly that is the only thing I know about them.

Those things bother me more than they should I suppose, but honestly? Reducing big awesome concepts to funny clever phrases, is cheap in my mind. Of course a clever phrase like this must have come from someone who thought it was brilliant – it seems to be everywhere.

We are up to five goat babies with more due this week. woot!


One thought on “Pull up your toes

  1. annamatrix

    Actually, I heard the ‘Sad you see’ thing in a Baptist church 20 years ago, so that’s been around for a while. But it never helped me – I couldn’t remember what they were sad about. There are too many possibilities! ((shakes head)) Isn’t THAT sad?! LoL!!


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