Goat herding

One of my momma goats got so sick the other day. She was fine before bed and then overnight she went from okay to scours – she literally ran every single thing out of her digestive system and then some. I called the vet. Thankfully I have a vet that is close and makes house calls for goats – you have no idea how good that is. However it is not cheap.dosChicos

But since this was the doe’s first kidding – meaning she could have a decade of kidding and milking ahead of her before she retires I was willing to have the vet look at her. Besides the value of Rue and her milk and offspring – who knows this could be something contagious! She got an I.V, in her neck and they put a liter of fluid in her, and calcium and super antibiotics.

Turns out the rough kidding caused her to end up with an infected uterus – not contagious, but deadly. Poor girl!

The vet didn’t say the prognosis was good, but without intervention it  would have been time to start digging. A prospect that I do not enjoy. They told me if I could get her to eat and drink, every bit of nutrition she consumed on her own would increase her odds of pulling through. I made her some warm Tang. She drank! I tried to coax her with food but she was reluctant to try it.

Her appetite has picked up some since Friday morning – I remembered that goats that go off feed NEED B-Vitamins or they will die. So I gave her some of that. Of course this sort of thing always put a damper on study, social life, hygiene, but as of now the goat lives and that is good by me!


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