Sweet Babies


We have eleven baby goats now – two I brought in from other herds (the red nubian on the bottom and the Nigora boy Eddie the Yeti next to her). Two mini nubian boys, one mini mancha boy (those can all be pets or meat) one mini mancha girl, one purebred nigerian boy – and four purebred nigerian girls. I have 5 more that are pregnant. Four of those are due in the next few days. So I have not had much time for blogging. Or sleeping. Or reading. Things are shifting – my very dear friend – Sandra, and her daughter are in Mexico right now helping her Mother in Law as she recovers from cancer surgery.  Sandra’s husband passed his test for long haul trucking -so he has been driving all over the country for the past two weeks trying to get his training hours logged. He only saw his wife for one day and that was spent running around like crazy to get things together – when I finally got through to her today she was in Mexico already! Wild.

My sister is super set on moving to Montana – My kid is awesome – My dad is walking the treadmill every day and bouncing around like a puppy. My husband is…better left unspoken of this week. Just thought you would like to see how kidding season is going around here


3 thoughts on “Sweet Babies

  1. annamatrix

    They’re adorable. I think if Eddie weren’t male, he’d be my favorite. Or a brown. Any brown – we need some brown in our herd. Goats should be brown, not black and white like a dairy farm cow. LoL! Now that the babies are born, at least you’re not on birthing watch. Maybe things’ll calm down for you.

    Any chance YOU’LL move to Montana? I’ve always favored NE Montana… I think it’s the second best place to be (outside of Michigan). You’d be safer, there… less snakes, too. ((wink!))

    1. gmaali Post author

      Anna – I am not a snow person – I was born in So. California – I would be stuck in my house every time it snows and that would be a lot of the time. I thought NE Montana was called Canada? besides I live right next to Mountain High Ski resort – if I want to see snow I can look South west and ta-da!
      Besides no other state wants a Californian moving there.
      As for babies – I am about half way done with baby watch I have four real quick this weekend – all due between today and the first and then my last girl is May 1st I think.


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