That’s more like it…

Today while poking on the net and listening to internet Radio – I heard a teaching form 119 on the Leaven from Heaven!  I was very happy to hear it!

Ten minutes – WELL WORTH A LOOK!

I was struggling with this very concept – thinking that Leavening being the doctrine of the Religious elite at the time – But how do you remove it from your dwelling place? I was meditating, ruminating on how HOW do you check for leavening every day?

This teaching gave a lot of insight – Especially with tied to other ideas that have been bouncing around. Leavened bread is sourdough – it is wet flour that has been contaminated by whatever is out there. The word leavening mentioned in Exodus is Sin-Aleph-Resh (Se’or – meaning fermented – H7603), which comes form the root Sha’ar  (meaning- remnant – that is the leftovers that recolonize the batch of dough) The mixture ferments and eventually gobbles up all the sweetness and you are left with ravenously hungry active bubbling leavening – just waiting for a little more food and water so it can start devouring again. I am thinking that the devouring of widows houses and taking advantage of people’s stupidity by the church and giverment is an example of this type of contaminated doctrine  – It is the never satisfied, ego stroking, souring, devouring, agent of destruction.

It is the doctrine of “you will never be good enough and you can’t get away from your fleshy bits that lead to Hellfire!! but feel free to try your best and also Send us Money and we will try to put in a good word for you. Wow, thanks Mr. Tight with the Man Upstairs! you are so kind!! and if that does not leave a sour taste in your mouth, I don’t speak your language….

The link to the video clip above talks about how the kingdom of Heaven is compared to a measure of leaven that a woman worked through three batches of dough (Mett 13 also Luke 13) and they all were leavened. So it can’t be defined as sin – as in “Let’s remove the sin from our lives!” It should be more like “Let’s remove the contamination from our doctrines!”

If we keep reusing the same dough year after year without checking it against scriptural truth, we are eventually left with a mutation – it is this mixing of True yummy spiritual bread with the worlds garbage that gives us so much to complain and fight about. Bunnies? Sabbath? Pork?  So while it is true we have no leavened bread for the week – but why? It is a reminder to check our teachings against the scriptures and make sure we are not contaminated with some all consuming bacteria or fungus that puffs us up with knowledge but leaves a sour taste. If we really started at the beginning again (as we are instructed) and stood up to hear the words read from the law every year as in Exodus 24 –

Then he took the Book of the Covenant and read in the hearing of the people. And they said, “All that the LORD has said we will do, and be obedient.”

How about Hezekiah -in 2 Kings 22 – who, when they found the Law and read it aloud, tore his clothes in grief, worried that they had invoked the Wrath of the Almighty for not keeping the Word of Y-H-V-H?

Why don’t we do that? I mean it *is* in the book – so instead of reading every package of soup mix in the cupboard to look for yeast we could examine the comfort food we keep on our spiritual shelves and say…Is this kosher? Is this leaven from heaven? Is this garbage contaminating the good stuff in my heart?

Yeshua taught his friends – The Pharisees want everyone to think they are so great, always making sure they give a tenth of their spices and herbs, making sure everyone knows about it also! They read the Law out loud – judging between neighbors – so they are very familiar with it – but they don’t live what they preach. The should ALSO live their lives to serve others, with their hearts turned towards their heavenly Father and doing good deeds so people will see them and glorify the LORD.

I feel a thousand times better now! Physically and spiritually! Yay!



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