catch up time

Goats – have not sold them yet – still working on it. the older goats went to retirement home. I only have 20 more to sell.

Milking – getting about 4 gallons a day – much of which is going back into the baby goats – however I am donating my older milk goat to a farm that is full of lambs – they need the milk in a bad way, I promised them this girl and her spring kids last year – but coordinating her move has been tricky.Maybe I can get a lamb?

House – is a wreck – oh how I need to clean, But I am always exhausted so…meh.

Family – my sis is moving to Montana – not happy about it , but she is – and she found a $10.50/hour job cleaning hospital rooms so – what can I say? Stepson called from TX…when did he get to Texas? I have no idea – he was complaining that his mom wouldn’t send him money to eat?? I have no words (or sympathy) for that. Sis in law has a cyst on her pituitary gland and that is kinda serious but not malignant,  gives her debilitating headaches and is not very treatable. Sounds not super fun – huh?

Studies have fallen by the way side as I am exhausted every single day – need to work on that.

Garden is going well – trees are busting out with fruit, green house is full of green stuff grapes, olive and pomegranates are everywhere.

Critters – dog keeps breaking his toes on the fence…he is grounded for a while till he heals up some.




3 thoughts on “catch up time

  1. cagey

    Ali, I’m sorry to hear about your sister in law. My father had a pituitary tumour when he was younger and he had brain surgery to remove it. This was very serious at that time, as it carried a lot more risks than it does now. He was in a lot of danger and it was a long recovery. He has reduced vision in one eye, and of course requires hormone therapy, but is otherwise fine. But please know such a condition is treatable in a variety of ways, especially if she can find a doctor/surgeon that is very well experienced in the subject. There are options for her.

    1. gmaali Post author

      Oh no I still have tons of goats – which is 1.8 tons too many for me to handle right now – I could keep 20 and sell 25 – In seven days I rehomed two granny goats, and my big nubian milker and her three kids. No forage in the sand out here and the drought is driving up the hay prices.


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