Da goats

Just so ya know I am currently milking 8 goats – two are black, two are brown, two are red and two are gold with white. I have five herd sires. Also I have ten girls I would like to see in milk next year before I decide who to sell. Seven were sold/rehomed so far and I have 18 on my sales list now -15 kids – 3 adults. 
I am trying to get down to 25 goats. or less. Hay is not cheap. and of course all goats are starving to death every second of every day except for the two tenths of a second when they have a mouth full of fresh hay.

The downside of having three separate breeds is that you need appropriate mates for everyone.
currently we have our two Nigie boys, and our three young guys – one is nigora, one is Mini mancha and I have two boys I am considering for Mini Nubian herd sire. Joey (Nutmeg + Huson) – is second generation 5/8ths Nubian . and Conner (Rue + Toby) is a first generation boy – 50/50. They are not related at all – but they sure do look like they are! 




So that is all the goat news for now – they sure have been keeping me busy!


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