I’ve been hiding.

My initial sorrow turned to anger pretty quick. I only cried for about 6 hours. after that I got mad real quick. I have pretty much stayed angry since then.

And honestly I feel like the less said about that right now the better, because I am  so livid. I might regret my choice in words.

This weekend for Father’s day we had some good stuff going on – we got a Roku2 for My husband – the Roku is the thing you plug into the TV so you can watch internet TV, Netflix, Youtube stuff through your wi-fi.

AHHHH I love the stupid thing!  I can watch all the TED talks, I can watch the crochet channel, I can watch my eriktology videos. My husband can watch Godzilla vs. Mothra and UFC.

win win

Before now he was watching internet movies through his phone – with ear buds in – which made him completely useless.  He would come home from work – survey the house – complain about some stuff and then park it in his chair look for stuff on TV – if there was nothing good he would look at the phone for movies and then plug in and tune out the world. I hate regular TV so it gives us a chance to watch something together.

It sure is frustrating to imagine how he is seeing things – I am busy working around the house, around the goats, making dinner – what ever – folding laundry all kinds of stuff. I get to bed between 11 and 2 am. – meanwhile he came home from work – took a nap, ate dinner, watched a movie where some kick ass hero rescues the girl and they are madly in love – thinks of himself in the hero role. Then he heads for bed thinking romantic thoughts and after three hours I am exhausted enough to head to bed also – however I am actually tired and usually irritated often sore. I am not interested in romance…at all I am interested in a couple of advil and 4 hours of sleep. I feel like such a jerk – but romance is not my 11th hour specialty. Ugh.

I was hoping if we had more down time in the evening TOGETHER – it might be nice. so I need to work on that.

Goat sales are not what they used to be – everyone is giving animals away and no one can afford to feed them. Even the nice show quality animals are being sold for a song. Lame oh.



3 thoughts on “I’ve been hiding.

  1. fiberaddict

    Your feelings are valid – so please don’t feel guilty over them! (hugs)

    And – I’m not sure exactly how the Roku works, but if it’s like the iTV, you can jailbreak it and add XBMC to it…and watch just about ANYTHING you want. Free. Of course, this’ll mean your hubby will do what mine does and watch even MORE TV than before…..but at least I can sit by and know what he’s laughing at. I guess that’s a good thing…:lol:

    I hear ya on the tired and the goat sales. :sigh: I have 5 boys to get rid of….I’m hoping they’re pretty enough I can get *something* for them.

  2. fiberaddict

    Looks like it ate my comment yesterday…….

    Your feelings are valid, so please don’t feel guilty for them! This is a huge change…(((hugs)))

    I do hope you get to relax and just “be” soon. And I hope you can find folks to buy your excess goats!

  3. gmaali Post author

    the thing that makes me so angry is they left without a plan. They borrowed money, and left without saying goodbye. and last night I got a message asking if I thought pop (who lives here) would be ok with co-signing for a place to live…for them. the nerve.


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