Goat homes

Wanna hear some good news? I have TEN goats being sold this week! only $80 each – so not a huge income – but the amount of hay off of my feed bill should be very nice indeed!

we had a total of 56 goats on the ground this year – grand total – so far we have 17 sold or being sold this week I could sell a few more…if I sold enough to get down to 35 goats I would be happy. Pop has 7 goats on his side that are just sitting there doing not much. So minus his I only have 28 (love how that sounds Only 28?!? how do I cope?)

But Hay is expensive out here and the goats are flying through it. We are in the weeks of much much sunshine – 105 and higher all week long. yuck.


One thought on “Goat homes

  1. annamatrix

    And we’ve had all the rain. Isn’t that the way it goes? I’m not complaining… but I’d wanted to expand the boy pen, and until the ground hardens, it’s just NOT going to happen. But congrats on the sales!! I got to thinking our goats were getting up there in age, and we should breed, but I don’t want to, just yet… so instead I think I might look for a new doe, this fall, when people don’t want to winter a big group. We shall see.


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