Why, why, why?

I was born blessed with a curious and defiant streak.

Not only do I want to know why, I also want to know why not.

On the facebook feed I often have friends who like posts that are shared by IFL Science – (the F is not a word we usually say out loud BTW) This week it was Why don’t giant bugs and spiders exist? Interesting question – right?

My husband’s answer – because God didn’t make them that way….

cue: facepalm…

Everything is so obvious when that is your standard answer for every question…

I asked – don’t you ever wonder WHY they were not designed to be huge? No.

Every time I ask why, or how , or suggest thinking out of the box a tiny bit – I am shut down – it is seriously frustrating.

Today he wanted to talk about Hobby Lobby – I try to offer a different point of view – I am shut down.

I talk about Reading Lolita in Tehran – shut down. 

For pity’s sake – just sit and think and wonder…nope- why bother?

Dumb sheep are so much easier to steer – towards a pen or towards a cliff…

I am taking a glass of wine to the bath – Good night!