Breakfast – done.

I have been seeing this cute little note on pinterest or facebook for a while now – it is a link that says make a month worth of smoothies in an afternoon. the idea has appealed to me – but tearing up my whole kitchen…not so much.

I talked to my dear friend and told her about the idea – she has been driving non stop it seems for weeks – her body is exhausted – fast food eating is not a good idea once in a while and when you are driving for 6-18 hours you pretty much can’t avoid it.

So I told her I would buy the food if she would help me put them together in her kitchen and we would split the rewards. Sounds good right?

Smoothie set up...

Smoothie set up…

Get a box of zip lock bags and prep all your food. We just got unsweetened frozen fruit from the store, they had strawberries, peaches, blueberries and cherries –  perfect! We bought avocados, yogurt, spinach, kale, cabbage, oranges, pears, apples, parsley, bananas, ginger, beets and canned coconut milk. Then we started filling ziploc bags with different combinations of ingredients and when we were done we had 2 weeks of breakfast smoothies each!


Put the bags in the freezer and every morning take one out – drop it in warm water to soften it a bit – then into the blender and breakfast is done!

So far we have not made one too weird to eat. Very filling and very nutritious!



2 thoughts on “Breakfast – done.

  1. annamatrix

    I… cannot stand the idea of them. At the essential oils class, they were pushing ‘green smoothies’, and showed us how they threw it all in blender and gave us each a little Dixie cup of it, but it tasted baby-food-ish and I KNOW they ain’t filling, y’know?

    I just need to get around to cooking up eggs more often… ((wink!))

  2. gmaali Post author

    When it is 85 degrees 30 minutes after the sun comes up – the last thing I’d want to do is turn on the stove top.


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