Planet Crazy

Let’s see if we can mention a bunch of crazy thing in the world right now.

1. Magnetic field is changing faster than scientist can fathom. This leaves us vulnerable to solar flares and disrupt power grids and communications networks. Link

2. The sun research folks won’t be able to monitor solar activity accurately for a while they also tell us about incoming space rocks. (from the archive Friday, Jun. 27, 2014)

Those two things combined makes for a pretty interesting scenario potential…

and then things got a little crazy...

and then things got a little crazy…

Of course we have no idea. But my suggestion would be to make friends with your neighbors…cuz the internet runs on electrons and if they get all out of whack…No one can promise they will be there in the morning.

3. The other thing that works on electrons is your bank, So my other suggestion would be to use money on stuff that works. Your money is in a bank – right? No it isn’t. Much like playing vegas slots on your phone – sure it says you have won 52,625 credits – but if you try to buy matches with those credits – it won’t work.

Best investments for the future are things like books, seeds, shovels and friends. And skills – may as well learn things now while it is kind of easy. Counting on the bank, retirement funds, social security or any of that is just silly!

4. The whole world is against Israel (don’t worry too much on that – the whole world is against a lot of stuff: goodness, fairness, common sense. Just keep swimming! and praying.)

What did I forget?



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