Anna has a ton of stuff on her Patchwork newsworthy today and Yup Yup – everything is moving forward at Hyper face! (I love Bored shorts…)

I was thinking of a friend of mine who is battling serious health issues right now – mystery ailments that leave her achy and frustrated – she is trying to avoid all food that could make her condition worse and truth be known, being hungry and terrified all the time will make any situation worse. I was watching a movie on You Tube – seeds of death or  some other awful sounding title and it was on the use of genetically modified crap in the food and how anything you eat will basically kill you. I told my friend – when you worry like that you are basically saying you believe the enemy is stronger than our Elohiym. You are giving Ha’Satan all the credit for ruining your life, health, joy.

no No NO you can’t do that!

Also the Rabbi’s son torah study this week talked about how we believe the serpent when he says Oh C’mon God didn’t really say THAT! He doesn’t really want you to do that! He didn’t say you can not do this! This is awesome – everyone else is doing it and they are having fun!

He suggests not only looking for Ha’Satan’s smoke screens on the web browser home page but also news, music, what ever is popular at the time.  And then he recommends you “…listen for a while to the words that come out of your own mouth.  Listen attentively as you talk about life, about other people, about society, about Creation, and, yes, even about the Holy One.  And be sure to listen, as well, to the non-verbal messages you send out every day as you declare what you really consider important and valuable by what you spend your time, spend your energy, and spend your money actually doing. ”

How powerful is that?

What are we actually doing?

Do I believe time is short on our rock spinning around the sun? Sure I do!

Am I disappointed in myself for being lazy and distracted? Of course! But the time to dwell on the past is over and the time to get busy is now. Another friend of mine was given a vision. But she doesn’t know what it is.  She asked me thinking it could be hebrew letters or something.


I told her I wasn’t sure but I would think on it. After awhile I got to thinking it is a dead menorah. Why? Because it is only half of a whole and all the oil has run out. Half of your efforts are not good enough – half way anything is as good as nothing. Her husband is always away from home working and she is notorious for halfway completing things. Not hot, not cold.

If you see something else let me know. But I am thinking  it is a message to stop offering half hearted worship.

I am very interested if the anti christ offers get out of debt free card for the jubilee year. Of course it won’t be free. But many people won’t read the fine print. Hang in there – I feel we are almost to the best and worst parts…


2 thoughts on “RE-boot

  1. cagey

    While it could be a more ancient form of Hebrew, I think it is a merging of a certain letter in an ancient script not neccessarily Hebrew. It reminds me a great deal of similar letters found in the various forms of the Phoenician alphabet — like a crude written form of Mem for instance. It has a variety of symbolism and meanings in numerous cultures (it looks a little different in each language). It is not elvish or runeic or mayan or even sanskrit. Symbols often have a two-fold meaning. Sure as an image it may respresent something visually but there could also be an even greater meaning behind it. Was there anything else about the vision that stood out?

    1. gmaali Post author

      I was thinking that at first too, but I could see nothing that stood out for me – and for her the oil, anointing and gifts of the spirit are huge themes in her church


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