Guess what I am doing?




Growing calluses. Nice huh? my brother gifted me with an extraordinary gift last week – one of his old guitars.

Now you have to understand my brother has been playing and collecting guitars since he was in 8th grade (and I was in 4th). I was never allowed to TOUCH them. EVER.

I remember him saving up for this one – and I always thought it was the prettiest by far. Don’t ya think?
So I am working on playing. little by little, bit by bit.

What a gift! I am hoping that next time I see him I will be able to play a song. I know on one hand it seems a bit silly learning how to play an instrument when I am getting within a couple of years of turning 40 –

But I don’t care – I want to play – I love music – I will learn.


3 thoughts on “Guess what I am doing?

  1. annamatrix

    We start guitar next year for school. I got a learning CD and book to help us. So we’ll be right there, with ya. I’ll admit, though – the guitar I bought (black!) has steel strings instead of the plastic on the smallest two. I’m terrified of it.

    1. gmaali Post author

      Yup steel stringed acoustic is what I have and my fingers are crying. My suggestion is to break it up into 2 minutes sessions. Literally 2 minutes. After a few hours, 2 more minutes. All day. If you get a blister it sets you back a week or two, slow and steady progress is way better. So I practice 2 minutes in the morning, 2 minutes before lunch, 2 minutes before dinner, 2 minutes in the evening. That is two minutes of holding chords and strumming, the sessions may be 10 minutes figuring out how to hold my hands, how to hit or skip the needed strings. But two minutes of holding the chords down and playing is enough in the beginning.


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