Boer -ing…


So here is our new goat – BeeBop – a Purebred Boer Doeling. She is pretty with two clean teats (important to me because boer’s udders can be really crazy) and still needs a bit of taming down. but with all the people asking about meat goats – here is the girl that can make them – any goat crossed with her will still produce meaty babies.We have been talking about doing something with the fencing around here. But although my dad says – get it done – then he gets in a mood and doesn’t want to talk – so I am not eager to get it done. Stress – yuck. And I recently found that my sister is looking for a second job. She is working on her feet all day cleaning hospital rooms and she is looking for a second job…because her boyfriend is not making enough money …er something – it makes me beyond angry…into the white hot coals of fury that she is considering such a thing… Yay Elul – I am ready to straighten some stuff out here anyhow…


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