Fruit Tree Dream

I had a dream last night…it is long…sorry about that but you know how my dreams can be…what do you think? As a background to the dream my good friend came to visit yesterday and she is upset because there is no income and she may lose her house. I had a dream the night before about dead chickens and when I gfruitseedsot up found that one of my chickens drowned in the water and one of pop’s guineas also drowned in the pool, so he was sad and quiet all day. Pomegranates are the only fruit we have left still producing in our yard. And on to the dream…

In my dream there was this Park/school grounds. There were hundreds of pomegranate trees all arranged in rows. It was harvest time and the workers had picked every tree clean and shucked the fruit out and left it in neat rows of piles on the ground – thousands and millions of seeds everywhere in little piles. And people could come and collect how ever many they wanted – I was looking for a container, but I didn’t have any – even my car had nothing in it – my husband cleared it out recently I didn’t even have pockets! I did get a little handful – but there was millions outside and I wanted to tell people to come get it and not let it go to waste!

grovemapThe parking lot was the top of a hill – so you looked down the hill at the rows of trees separated by straight paths. while you were looking down hill on the west side of the parking lot was a school cafeteria building- they were having a little gathering of church couples I know (but not too well) in the little reception/waiting area (little couches and end tables to look like a living room but no walls) I tried to tell them – there is piles of pomegranate seeds outside free for the taking- but they weren’t ready to go get any yet. When I went outside the sprinklers had come on in some sections and the workers had moved the piles of seeds before the sprinkler system for that section came on. So there was already a huge amount of the seeds gone. And other people were busy collecting seeds also. Some other people were across the way on the east side of the parking lot at a funereal/outdoor church service. My dad wanted me to go, but the seeds! I wanted some seeds! Eventually after climbing over people to get to the center aisle – at the top if the aisle/stairs – there was a building/room and bunches of people were going in. Danny was there, but I didn’t tell him to disobey the people talking to him, though I was pretty sure he would sneak out later. I wanted to go back to the orchard – but my dad was annoyed after I got to the center aisle and stepped over people I wanted to go back?!? Yes!

I went back for some seeds. My dad followed me. But by that time almost all of them had been collected. When I went in the building all the kids in the cafeteria were having lunch and they all had their own pomegranate to break open and eat – another person was breaking open pomegranate into wedges/chunks and putting them in little netted bags for the vending machine- there were still whole ones sitting by the vending machine – but I didn’t want to take them from someone else. The cafeteria had some on display. The back room was full of over flowing buckets of pomegranate seeds that had been pressed. When my dad came in he was mad at me because I was wasting my time. I was mad because if I had gathered fruit in the beginning I would have tons and now I just had a bit. He said we have pomegranate trees at home and when they are ripe I could eat them, besides piles of seeds would spoil before I could eat them. He asked what was so special about these pomegranates. I told him because the workers did all the hard part – picking and splitting and getting the seeds out and it was just sitting in piles waiting to be picked up and enjoyed. It seemed like a lot of work wasted and unappreciated. He told me I had fruit at home that I could enjoy as it became ripe and not be overwhelmed with it. The end.


3 thoughts on “Fruit Tree Dream

  1. gmaali Post author

    So the interpretation…. I will let you know what I got so far – “As many of us know already Jewish tradition teaches that the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness because it is said to have 613 seeds, which corresponds with the 613 mitzvot, or commandments, of the Torah. For this reason and others, it is customary to eat pomegranates on Rosh Hashanah. Moreover, the pomegranate represents fruitfulness, knowledge, learning, and wisdom.” -excerpt from: If you keep reading on that page an interesting thing is mentioned ” Interestingly, many Jewish scholars believe that the pomegranate was the “forbidden fruit” of the Garden of Eden.”
    Which makes plenty of sense since the knowledge of good and evil is found in Torah and the beginning of wisdom is the fear of YHVH.
    So we have piles of seed representing Mitzvot and we all know mitzvot produces blessings – but people don’t care they don’t want the burden or the blessings – even if the hard work has been done – either they think it will always be available or they don’t value it. I have a small amount I gathered myself – but not a whole fruit – I wished I could gather up a whole bunch and take it to people but the thing about the fruit is even when it has all the work taken care of – a person still has to choose to go get it. I can’t gather mitzvot for anyone but myself. The church service/ funeral I believe was the execution of the harlot Jerusalem as mentioned in Ezekiel 16 – many people were watching that but no one could stop it. After some time the only place a person could find any seeds was in the cafeteria – the children in the school each had their own and they could get as much out of the fruit as they wanted. The other option was to buy it in little pieces from the vending machine – which reminds me of the churches – you get a bit of scripture – the part they approve – but you pay for it. The rest had the juice removed which is where all the sweetness is – and just the pits remained.So it seems to say the blessings are gone but the judgement remains. That was interesting…ya think?

  2. fiberaddict

    That is sort of what I was thinking, except instead of blessings it was about the Harvest. The info is There, people just have to go get it….and most don’t. They think that because they go to church, they’re good, not realign that they have settled for dross instead of gold.


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