Just like the Pew…

ARgh…The reason why I enjoy the internet is because we have the option of feedback. One way streets remind me so much of being right back in my assigned seating at church folks. Just listen dammit and say Amen when we stop talking. Of course you don’t really have assigned seating, but go ahead and try to take over a spot where someone else usually sits and watch how uncomfortable everyone is all of a sudden. A lot of stuff has only had the option of being read lately and everyone is too busy to talk about it. When you are looking for things…they seem to be found much easier – but without a place to share them and test them…
So I came across three things the past 36 hours – one thing was my friend telling me all people have to do is confess with their mouth..and they are saved. that is not quite right – but I also recently saw a study on Vidui Prayer at Yom Kippur – that is the out loud  – and the point the teacher was making is there is no rule to say “When you have broken a command you must turn around and not do it anymore and say you are sorry” because you can’t have a command for when you break a command or else you would be being ordered to do the wrong thing so you would have an opportunity to say sorry…it is a little confusing but basically the only rule is *if* you have done the wrong thing and you decide to change your ways you must apologize OUT LOUD – so when people are saying you must confess with your mouth in the NT I am pretty sure they are referring to this  Vidui prayer of Yom Kippur. ya think? There is more but I have been summoned to help so I gotta cut this short and get back to it in a bit…
Goodness Two days later and I can finally get back to this.

The emergency was a leaking waterline over by pop’s greenhouse and we are going to have the fence guys stringing new fence around there on Monday – so it had to be fixed ASAP – My honey stayed home today to take care of it. I think he did a good job – we will see in the morning when we turn the water back on. Praying for no leaks.  We have the potential for thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday. Oh how we need it.
Tomorrow is the grandson’s b-day party – at the roller rink – so that should be fun.

I am actually going to put up another post But I felt kind of bad for leaving this one hanging.


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