A time such as this.

Last night my husband mentioned there was a really good deal on a 3/4 day fishing trip coming up – that people had been catching yellowfin tuna – he seemed pretty excited. I asked what day it was for? Not this Thursday – but next Thursday – he wanted to take a sick day and take Danny out to the ocean for the day.

Um…honey? That is Rosh Hashanah… 

           Oh? is it? so we can’t go? What do we do for Rosh hashanah?

Well..if you have to go I don’t want to make you stay home, but it is a pretty major holiday and I don’t want Danny to go fishing on a major holiday…. I already told him he couldn’t go to the Gym on Yom Kippur…

some days…I need to write up  a blog on preps but for now…I am shaking my head over this.


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