Oochies and Ahhs

Last week I did something funny to my lungs, it wasn’t like I was sick – I just couldn’t take a deep breath and if I laid down to rest I shot straight back up from the pain. It only lasted a couple of days in that very serious manner – then eased off a bit. I was supposed to go get a lung CT scan. But they will be out of the office until October 6th so…we will see.

My husband didn’t have the best week either – he pulled his back pretty bad a week and a half ago and he has allergies which is super bad right now – you would think that in the desert there would be nothing growing to bother him…but we have tons of ragweed growing all around – so he is pretty miserable. So the past week he was sleeping in my recliner (why do we call it mine? I never sit there…) so that he wouldn’t drown and could actually get up and I was just trying to keep breathing. It was not a fun week.

I moved the Roku into the bed room so I could at least watch internet TV. Roku is a little box you plug into the TV that gives the TV WiFi reception – there are tons of free channels – but also Netflix and You Tube – they have 444 Religious channels see? http://www.roku.com/channels/#!browse/religion-and-spirituality/by-popular

And under normal circumstances I bristle at the thought of listening to someone else teach – it just seems like SO Much Extra Work to wade through someone else’s BS to find a few things that seem to make sense. And yes, I know how arrogant that sounds, and I don’t like it. But with no discernment you end up with crap like this – this is a decent review of all things I hate about this recent movie – True he uses some adult language – but I can’t see how a person can review the movie without getting at least a bit upset.


Seriously you don’t have to watch it, but if you do I am sure you will hate it as much as I do. Having said that, I must admit I have come across some pretty good video teachings lately – personally I would rather just read. But if I have a video thing there is always the chance  other family members will watch over my shoulder. These folks are actually local (kind of) to us and they broadcast their teachings – http://www.shilohmessianic.com/
At first I was put off, not interested, but I listened to the guy talk for a while and he is actually pretty solid on his teachings. The intro video they have on the website is very awkward to watch, but they have the torah portion every week and they teach for nearly two hours three times a week.  Then there was this other guy on the Messianic channel – I don’t even know who he is – but I was pretty glad to hear his teaching too – very interesting and quite solid.scootch forward to the :30 second mark to avoid the hokie intro.

A lot of stuff he talks about we already know – but to have it on so other members of my family can stumble upon it I think, is not a bad idea.


2 thoughts on “Oochies and Ahhs

  1. annamatrix

    Thanks for explaining Roku. I’ve heard about it, but didn’t know what it was. But I can’t watch videos. I have 10G allocated per month, and it goes… FAST. It’s kind of miserable, but at least it’s not dial-up, anymore, right?

  2. cagey

    Thanks for posting that review Ali. It’s a shame the Muslim father in the story is made out to be the bad guy because in the one clip he was the only person that said something to make one bit of sense. It’s shameful the utter nonesense that is released these days… and was that Dean Cain?! What on earth happened to that guy..

    I hope you feel better soon and get to the bottom of the mystery..


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