Dr visit

Interesting chat with the doctor yesterday – Seems I tested positive for Rheumatoid arthritis and that is linked to a whole lot of my current symptoms. Of course Psoriasis is also tied to RA – don’t I get to have all the fun?? I have scarring in my lungs (maybe form all that Pneumonia I had as a kid) some cysts in my right lung and the pleurisy last month that was exactly zero fun. So if I get easily winded – that is to be expected.

The lung problems most often linked to rheumatoid arthritis include:

Scarring within the lungs. Scarring related to long-term inflammation (interstitial lung disease) may cause shortness of breath, chronic dry cough, fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite.
Lung nodules. Small lumps may form in the lungs (rheumatoid nodules), as well as in other parts of the body. Lung nodules usually cause no signs or symptoms, and they don’t pose a risk of lung cancer. In some cases, however, a nodule can rupture and cause a collapsed lung.
Pleural disease. The tissue surrounding the lungs, known as the pleura (PLOOR-uh), can become inflamed in rheumatoid arthritis. Pleural inflammation is often accompanied by pleural effusion (PLOOR-ul uh-FU-zhun) — a buildup of fluid between two layers of the pleura. Sometimes the fluid disappears on its own. A large pleural effusion, however, can cause shortness of breath. Pleural disease may also cause fever and pain on breathing.

My anniversary was on Tuesday – but my husband had class late and it completely slipped his mind. So last night we hooked up the You tube to the TV and watched Jim Staleys “Truth or Tradition” – well the first half at least – it was quite informative. Though I am not a huge fan of Staley’s and sometimes I wonder if all of his facts have been checked – it makes for a good spring board of discussion. He is having a special with radio personality Josh Tolley called Saving Kirk FROM Christmas – “http://savingkirkfromchristmas.com/

We watched part of the interview yesterday on you tube. It was pretty funny.
Today I am making show collars for my goats. I’ll let you know how they turn out.
Not too chilly today – supossed to rain tonight…maybe I better get the hay outside the shed covered.
Catcha later folks.


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