Due for rain

one and a half inches according to the Wunderground report – I am whupped beat from cleaning goat pens – we can have rain – but not on nasty goat pens. I am missing decent conversation . and there is a person on FB that actually asked me not to reply to any posts she makes on groups we have in common- Wha? FB is such a time sink anyhow. I am ready to trim back half my friends to acquaintances. I just get a news feed full of the exact same stupid stuff.

And my husband has 18 days off in December – which I know would make some ladies swoon with delight, but sounds exhausting to me. must be the hormones – bring on the chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Due for rain

  1. fiberaddict

    Oh dear, really? I’m glad I don’t do FB!

    And….I hear and agree in the days off thing. We just had an 11 day span. I was glad that today was a normal work/school day!


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