I just thought of something…

It has been pretty easy for us to pick out the phoney-ness of Christianity – and the silliness of the holidays. I don’t know if that is because we are Americans, or Christians to begin with or if it is just that I hang around with smart people on line… But I run into many people who have actually read the bible and come to the conclusion that something..something is not right.

But I wonder do other people….Hindus or Jews or Muslims ever come out of their faith into the same line of thinking as we have – or is this just a quirk of the modern church? Truly if the northern tribes were scattered and all of these people truly have a longing for what is right – then some of them are bound to have come to the same conclusion we have – but from different places. Even though that idea makes sense; I have not heard of them… does that seem odd to anyone else?

My husband has asked about Hanukkah a few times already this week – Which I am pretty happy about – but last night I told him – ya know Honey Hanukkah is like..an extra credit holiday – it is not even one of the major ones – really we gotta get started with the Sabbath – that is the number one important holiday. It is actually a commandment and all.

So – joy at that!~ I do need to write more – but when you need to write it is usually because you are too busy to write and when I have nothing to say I have all the free time in the world to say it.


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