Taking the hint

funny story for you..

My son Daniel has a friend in his parkour class named Aaron…today Aaron asked if Daniel could go over to his house and hang out. We had already met Aaron’s dad, Doug, a few weeks earlier because he gave Daniel a ride home from Tempest Freerunning Academy on their last trip. They live pretty close and it is nice for Daniel to have a kid that is his age to hang out with especially since they home school also.
I was totally wiped out from processing chickens on Friday. We put six roosters in the fridge and my back was not happy. Then we had my husband’s company dinner/dance that night which pretty much wiped me out. Then yesterday I had an older couple that needed help with their goat so I visited with them for a while and then finally went to pick up my replacement cell phone.

I had a Motorola Photon Q – slide out keyboard – solid little phone. But sadly it gave up the ghost last week and I was phone less. No worries! I have a replacement plan! Except they replaced it with an Evo 4G LTE – I told the guy – that is not my phone. He told me my phone was so old they don’t have them anymore…besides this one is better!
With no other option…I settled for the replacement. I was too tired to fight.
AS I drive home from the phone store I was so tired – I could barely stay on the road. The guys were at a fishing derby (Daniel caught the 24th largest fish and won a fish basket)

When I got home I just wanted to Sleep!

As I slept my son made arrangements to visit his friend and my husband talked to the parents and met the kid’s mom at the gate and sent them on their way. When I woke up my husband said – I think you would really like her they go to a messianic church but only once a month and she is really sweet!

That’s interesting I thought… Another lady I know had asked me several times to visit her messianic congregation but I was not sure I would deal with a 3 hour service…and an hour away from the house. I am a home body. And shy in new groups. So I declined the invite.
About an hour later I called Daniel and asked him how things were going – he told me they were lighting the menorah and playing dreidel but they only had a paper folded dreidel and could I bring a real one from home when I came to pick him up? ((o.O)) Wha?? we don’t know anyone with a menorah! But of course Danny in true Danny style was loving it – He was beyond excited!

We made arrangements to pick him up in an hour and yes I would bring a real dreidel.

I told my husband – if Aaron’s mom invites me to the same congregation I am going to have to go – because honestly there is a fine line between being uncertain and being stubborn, obstinate even… Once we arrived and started talking to her – and she was going on about this wonderful family of believers and how she spent sukkot with them…and how this was this first year that she had celebrated all the Moadim. Although they are still in transitional phase with the tree up and all – I know many of us spent the same years struggling on what to do.
And of course she invited me to the same congregation as the other lady.

Now keep in mind I have prayed and prayed for a family of believers I have read Psalm 68 where it says:

God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.

I have hoped for someone that my son could relate to in real life. So when he grows up he doesn’t just think of this stuff as what his crazy mom was into…so we will see how it goes folks…


3 thoughts on “Taking the hint

    1. gmaali Post author

      I wasn’t really looking – except for some people who kind of get where I am coming from and my husband thinks I am kinda crazy pants ya know – so here is a family – with teenagers and a cool dad who also is going this route and I think it would be so nice for my husband to have someone he can relate to instead of the ladies coffee and chit chat…and Danny also – people who can be along side of them. remember the book The Chosen?
      One of the quotes – the premise of the whole book is: The Talmud says that a person should do two things for himself. One is to acquire a teacher. the other – Choose a friend.


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