Still Kickin’


Our holiday was quiet. very quiet.

We really had no gifts going on.

We took the kids fake ice skating on X-mess eve.

Then on to Denny’s for dinner. We had a good time,  and that was good enough for us.

Ignore the creepy snowman kids!

The grandkids and Frosty

The five year old passed out during dinner – I imagine he slept all night. we had the Hanukiah going in the window and the oil lamps lit…

We had egg rolls on the 25th.

Some friends of ours had a good idea – a bit larger family – this was their first year with biblical feasts so they didn’t have gifts for the eight nights, they had their gifts under the tree for when family visited on the 25th. Transitions – we have all been there – right?

What they do is every night of Hanukkah they write a slip of paper telling something they appreciate about each family member and after they light the candle of the night they read the blessings that the other family members wrote for them.  That is kind of a sweet idea.

I am having a feeling we are in the quiet before the crazies. ya think?


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