stuff on deck…

This week I gotta:

Clean this computer room – on my goodness it is a wreck! Books and boxes and stacks of stuff. I can’t think in here!

Get my goat paperwork all put together – I have ultrasounds coming up and a webpage to update and need to sell some animals here PDQ

Get my phone straightened out – I got my old phone replaced under the insurance program and then they gave me a defective phone – the camera doesn’t work. driving out to the big town to have them tell me you can leave it here for an hour and we will see what we can do – no no no no – leaving it here for an hour messes up my entire day cuz then I have to be back here in an hour and there are always a million people and the wait is forever. It is idiotic.


and then some religious stuff here-

I was invited once again to the Messianic congregation. Ugh.

Part of me thinks I am being a stubborn brat about it I just..ugh…people…strangers. I mean I know like 2 people but… I am not a crowd kinda gal. And they are all very emotional people. and that makes me way uncomfortable. I am really really torn on this. I’s much rather have 3 or 4 people to drash with than a whole group of folks


There were two new Bissell videos put up this weekend – at 20 minutes each- the first one is on Psalm 89 about how many churches teach that Abraham just had to believe and do nothing else and everything was good with him – when in reality Abraham was told to go count the stars and he DID – if he didn’t follow the directions of YHVH – he wouldn’t be blessed – right? These people that have a belief that just saying the sinners prayer is going to get them a get out of hell free card and they never have to actually do what He instructs are in for a rude awakening. I recommend the video – but I really like the excitement that Eric injects into his study.

I showed it to my husband and he was a little stunned. But I also think it got him thinking a bit.


So much more that I am really not comfortable posting here – but I think getting those few things written down and out there will give me some room in my mind to work out the other stuff.


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